Friday, 20 July 2012

From tuna to triathlon

Having spent two seasons tackling openwater swimming, and hugely improving my swimming abilities, I'm now having a go at triathlon for a bit of a change.  My swimming friend Fiona reliably informs me that tunas are extremely fast-swimming fish; I wouldn't say I'm an extremely fast-swimming-Verity, but I do reasonably well these days.  So this is the story of a swimmer taking on triathlon, the story of always facing a transition full of bikes (because you're fast on the swim and slow on everything else), and trying to get it right.

In this blog I'll write about some of my training, share my goals and races and results, write about the vast amounts of kit that I seem to be accumulating, and maybe talk about nutrition (and seek advice - this fourth discipline is easily as hard as the cycling and running for me to get right!)

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