Saturday, 11 August 2012

Just keep swimming

...or training for a 14k.  I have to say that since I did my double swim two weekends ago, I've been lacking in motivation to get the km in.  The week after the double swim was a right off (probably due to too much cycling), and this week I've been a bit under the weather so not getting the miles in.  I have to say thinking about the move into Tri is proving terribly distracting to the end of my open water swimming season - too much else to think about and try out (more on this anon).

I managed a reasonable swim at Uxbridge lido, and hammered out 4x sub 16:30 km, despite huge numbers of leisure swimmers.  I cut my last km short by a half when a ball game started, but despite not having reached my planned length, I was pleased with the speed (although this isn't the aim for the 14k).

I don't feel hugely confident about the approaching swim next weekend.  However, my second 10k last year in September suffered similarly from end of season lethargy and I still got round (and beat my husband!).  I'm trying to look for some positives to keep my confidence up in the next week and not waste energy panicking:

1. The water temperature in the river was last reported to be a balmy 19-20C.  This may change but it's a lot warmer than the 14C I had mentally prepared myself.

2. Owing to all of the recent rain (and more forecast this week), the river is running quite fast, so hopefully there should be a bit of a current to help me along.

3. The swim is not a race, but rather more like a sportive, where we all just help each other to get round (we will be swimming in three groups, determined by our speed reaching the first checkpoint)

4. Unlike my 10k swim, I don't do all of the distance in one go, as there are 4 points along the course where I will have to get out to go around a lock and where we will be fed.  I can't decide if it is better to concieve of it as several shorter swims, because I don't ever train like that.

So for the next week, my goal is to keep myself ticking up but mainly to rest up.  I'm conscious that I have a tri only 2 weeks away, so a trip out on the bike with my husband will probably happen (not least because it's a nice social activity for us together), and maybe a brief run one night this week, but I intend short 2k swims, and a couple of rest days before the event.

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