Friday, 3 August 2012


It's been an up and down week really and that has definitely been reflected in my training.  On Monday I worked a crazy day, trying to fit in everything that needed to be done before I took the rest of the week off, and it ended with a 5-7 evening duty as well.  I then had my grandmother's funeral down in Devon (6 hours in the car as well as a draining church service and tea), and then it was our wedding anniversary.  We had been planning to go away for our anniversary and stay in some amazing yurts in Somerset, but after the funeral I just wanted to be at home, so we didn't go.  The cycle ride was good, but given that I have my 14k river swim in 2.5 weeks time (and intend to have an easy week the week beforehand), I should really be getting the km under my belt right now. 

For the second time this week I have conked out after 2k.  I had a vague plan in my head of doing 4 or 5k so that went substantially out of the window!  Unusually, Mr W and I had gone swimming together (we don't usually as it always winds each other up due to our close but different swim speeds); he had been planning to do 3k but I think he got out after not even a kilometre!  So there was little incentive to stay in when I wasn't loving it, when I was achy from yesterday's bike, even though we'd driven to Uxbridge lido!  My one consolation is that I did good times on both of the kilometres, 16.12 and 16.01 (was trying to get that second k under the 16 minutes but it didn't quite happen), so a bit of "sprinting" (it's relative when you swim such long distances!) at least got done.

This afternoon I went out for a very short run to keep the legs ticking over.  Running is difficult for me to fit in, but I know if I don't go at least once a week, then the next time I go, my legs will seize up for days afterwards.  Was aiming for 3k and hit a really good pace for me (I'm a super slow runner - will have to do a running blog soon!), but blew up at 2.8k with a dreadful stitch and ended up walking 1.5k home...oops.

I know I need to rest but it's difficult to know where the balance lies.  I'm keen to go out on another cycle ride this weekend whilst I have the time to spend with Mr W, and also to get in a properly long swim.  We'll have to see how they go, a few Powerbars may help things along...

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  1. Cheering your successes from the sidelines! All the best, Verity!