Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekend catch up

Various things to catch up on on this rainy Sunday afternoon!

First solo bike ride
Yesterday was a swimming day and I planned to fit in a swim whilst I took a family member to hospital.  The NHS obviously runs more to time at the weekend as no sooner than I had my cozzie
on, I got a message to say that he was going in for his procedure, which meant I only had time for a fast km.  I didn't really mind too much.
When I got home though, I felt I should do something else - Mr Tuna was out all day and it was beautiful weather so I decided to take Beryl (my road bike has finally been named for Beryl Burton) out for a spin.  I took a route that I've cycled several times on my old bike that is a nice loop to Woodstock and back.  I've cycled it mostly before because the Woodstock Outdoor Pool is a convenient halfway point!  It's not a great time trial route as there are 4 sets of traffic lights, a busy road and a busy roundabout to cross, but it's pleasant enough and I am going to try to fit it in as an evening loop in these last few weeks before the light gets too bad.
It took me just over 46 minutes which will be the time that I aim to improve on (a short loop that I can do easily should be a good mark of progress), and turned out to be 15k (I thought it  was 20k so was a little disappointed by the time!).

New cycling clothes

My ride yesterday was definitely improved by some new cycling clothes.  I initially bought some bright pink cycling shorts (what was I thinking?  They don't go with any of my other clothes, but they are so bright that I guess they are good for road safety), and then I saw a cycling skirt!  MUCH more flattering and in a sensible shade of black.  At the same time I bought a pink short sleeved flowery jersey to wear with it.  So thanks to Velovixen , a company specialising in rather nice cycling clothes for ladies, for coming up with something nice to wear!  Too bad that we're nearly at the end of the season where a jersey can be worn without a jacket now.

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Some of you have been reporting that you're not getting email updates when I post, sorry, it seems there's some sort of Google/feedburner issue.  In the meantime, I suggest that you add me to Google Reader (or something similar) or just check back periodically!  Hopefully it'll get resolved...

Training round-up
Not a great week in terms of training, but then I was recovering from the Festival of Sport.
Swimming: 13.5k
Cycling: 15k road bike, 50k commuting
Running: 0


  1. Love the pink cycling shirt! I have one that's similar by Pearl Izumi, and it's my go-to jersey. I need to get some fall cycling clothes, too--'tis the season.

  2. I have not had a good swimming week this week. Air temperature in pool in the 35 degrees and water like bath water. Resulted to swimming outside which is ok, but I feel I have not done enough lengths this week.

  3. I love the skirt. I bought an Adidas one from a charity shop but it was too small. I've looked at Velovixen and might be buying one. Also the knee length longs, as you can always put long socks on and only get the socks wet and muddy.

    Have you tried Minx, or Ana Nichoola? Her jerseys and fab and would fit you, they're too small for me. However I bought some shorts from Ebay, new with tags, but they're too big as the padded bit sticks out, obviously my rear end does not fill them out enough.

    You're doing really well with your triathlons, not long ago you'd never seen a road bike! I was thinking of doing Northern Cycletta but went away to the Isle of Man, quite a stressful time, no cycling, bad weather etc, so think I will give it a miss this year.

  4. Hello Campfire - I had not seen you over at this blog so i was wondering if you'd make it as I know you are interested in the cycling bits. Am sorry that you didn't get to do the Cycletta this year. I shall follow up on those suggestions for some more clothes - I need a nice light waterproof jacket- I have a heavy one, but need one that would roll up and fit in a jersey back pocket!

  5. Yes Verity, it took me a while to find you. It's hard keeping up with all the nice blogs I have found. Your bike looks great, I'd love a new one, or at least a new to me one, as my road bike is from the 1970s. Incidentally, you might be interested to know that I was talking to Beryl Burton's daughter, Denise, at York earlier this year and I met her and also Sarah Storey, at a bike race up here in Cheshire last year.

    I'm really pleased to find that Cycletta North is in May next year, which is good as you've not got time to get out of condition.

    Hope you continue to do well with your tris.