Saturday, 1 December 2012

November wrap up

Feeling quite pleased looking back at November.  It was a good month.  Low mood hit the first part of the month pretty hard, but it's levelled out a bit now and I feel I've achieved a lot.  The Winter Swim Workshop made a big difference to my motivation and to my speed.  I perservered with cycling despite a miserable ride.  And I got a 9 minute PB on my 10k run.

Totals for the month?
Swim: 65.55k
Bike: 150k
Run: 33k

As for the first day of December, it was pretty chilly outside, but it turned out that the worst bit of the run was thinking about it beforehand.  Not the running itself, that didn't worry me, just the cold.  First time running since Sunday so took it fairly easily.  Felt really happy that I can just bang out 5k without even thinking about it now. 

After that, I went for a swim to make my 7th swim in 7th days.  Felt really good in the water and can feel that I've definitely improved since the start of November.  Almost ready for racing; how can there still be another 5.5 months til the first openwater swimming races?!

Finally, before purchasing our Christmas tree this afternoon, Mr Tuna and I went to Fit to Run to get new running shoes for both of us.  I had a 15% discount code from the race last Sunday so it was a no brainer to go and buy new shoes since we will both need them in the next few months.  Mr Tuna doesn't think that his will make the 1/2 marathon in February; mine probably will but not the half ironman in September.  Also bought me a pink running beanie hat as this morning I had to run in my cycling cap which just felt silly.  LOVE the new running hat.


  1. Can we get a photo of the running beanie?