Sunday, 8 September 2013

Weekly catch up - one week post race (or where did my mojo go?)

Unsurprisingly, having done a race with a bad cold, the cold would only get worse in the following week.  I am bitterly disappointed that I didn't get to spend the rest of my holiday in the way that I had planned (swimming across Lake Zell, getting a pedalo with a slide out on the Lake, spending time in the hotel spa) - I just couldn't face doing anything wet - which is most unlike me.  Even when we got back (after an epically long road trip..) I still wasn't interested - I went to the pool, but just couldn't get going.  (It didn't help that my sinuses were so filled that every time I did a flip turn I had an excruciating pain in my face - and if you're not flip turning then it's soooo easy to stop at the end).  I've finally managed to get a bit of swimming done but not quite what I hoped.  My hip is still excruciating so no running even though my legs are twitching.

The other odd thing was today.  I went to the lake for a swim as we were having a photoshoot of club members in their GB kit.  We got there early enough for me to swim for over an hour, the photo was at 9 and then we came straight home.  So by 9.30, I was home, having trained.  That felt seriously weird after literally weeks of Sunday bike rides (with the only exception being when I wasn't at home on one weekend to do one).  I did lots of stuff, ate lunch, and I wasn't even tired and needing to go to bed!  Weird.

What did I get up to this week?
Monday - Weds: off, had bad cold
Thursday: 2k swim
Friday: 2.5k swim
Saturday: 3k swim
Sunday: 3.5k swim

Total: 11k swum - 3.5 hours of training

What is the plan for this week?
Monday: 2.5k swim
Tuesday: 2.5k swim
Wednesday: Aquathlon World Championships
Thursday: 2.5k swim
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Chillswim Coniston (8.5k)
Sunday: OFF

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  1. Hope you're feeling better now and good luck for Wednesday and Saturday!