Saturday, 12 October 2013

Weekly catch up (two weeks in one go)

I didn't get the chance to blog last weekend - I spent Saturday out doing the first day of my triathlon coaching level 1 course (I hope I'll blog about that in due course, maybe once I've got to the end of the 3 day schools and hopefully passed...), and Sunday at a mindfulness course (which was excellent although I fell fast asleep in the body scan exercise as I was just exhausted - the dates for the triathlon course had changed otherwise I would never have attempted doing both at once).  The week leading up to last weekend was pretty stressful, but I somehow managed to swim 15km (but yet again did not get to pilates), and this week so far (with Sunday still to go) I've already clocked 16km.

The good news is that my times continue to drop - down to 6:12 for a 400m, and 2:59 (to my delight) for 200m on Thursday.  I'm really trying hard to do hard, timed swims as part of a swim set at least twice a week.  Today I went back to the Masters Club and loved doing 4 x 200m off 3:15 (not much rest for me!), followed by 6x50m easy backstroke, followed by 2 x 400m off 6:45, followed by 8x50m easy backstroke, followed by 4x200m off 3:15.  Loved it!

Tomorrow I hope to do my last lake swim of the year, sans neoprene, but the forecast is atrocious so I'm not sure if I will go.  I hope to do another 4k tomorrow to take this week's total to 20k.  I hope to exceed that next week because I will have a double-swim Monday, and I have an extra morning off next week which means extra k's :-)

What's the plan for this week?
Monday: am: 3k technique focused swim, pm: timed swims with Claire (see planned set below)
Tuesday: am: 2.5k endurance swim - 3(300s)
Wednesday: am: 2.5k swim (TBD)
Thursday: am 4.5k swim (TBD)
Friday: am ?? swim
Saturday: masters swimming club
Sunday: ??? swom

Swim set for Claire 14/10/13
Warm up:
75m FC, 25m backstroke
75m FC, 25m breastroke
50m FC, 50m pull
50m FC, 50m kick with float
100m FC

Drills subset:
4 x (1/3 length superman into full front crawl)
4 x (1/4 length torpedo rotation into full front crawl)
50m FC

Main set: timed swims - 400m, rest, 200m, rest, 100m, rest, 50m rest, 100m, rest as fast as possible.  [This is so we can get some lines drawn in the sand].

Warm down: 50m "best" front crawl, 100m head up breastroke.

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