Tuesday, 31 December 2013

End of year statistics

I LOVE end of the year statistics, it's fascinating to look through and see what happened and compare it to previous years!

Overall for 2013:
839.7k swimming
469.9k running
2194k cycling (not including cycle commutes)

That represents a decrease in swimming of 40k, from last year's 880k, but an increase in running from 138k and an increase in cycling from 909.2k - so, to add 331k of running and 1285k of cycling and only lose 40k of swimming is pretty good really (I've been hammering the pool quite hard over the last 3 months to narrow that deficit, finishing December with 95k swum, my biggest swimming month since May 2012, when I got 99k swum).

My biggest swimming month was December.  My biggest running month was May (68.2k) (not quite sure why that was).  My biggest cycling month was June (458k).

I swam in 12 different swimming pools (two at Tenerife Top Training, Ferry Pool Oxford, Rosenblatt Oxford, Temple Cowley Oxford, Uxbridge Lido, Uxbridge indoor pool, St Neots Leisure Centre, Leighton Buzzard Leisure Centre, Hampton Pool, Plymouth Life Centre, Kaiserbad Ellmau).  Bit of a poor year for pool tourism for me, especially with regards to the lidos.  Only 3 visited!

I swam in 10 different lakes (Queenford Lake, Dorchester Lake, Datchet Lake, Box End Lake, Blenheim Lake, Stowe Lake, The Serpentine, Bray Lake, Zell am See, Coniston).  That was quite a good selection for me, although Dorney was notable by its exception this year.

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