Sunday, 18 November 2012

A good week's work!

This week has been a departure from the previous weeks where I have struggled to complete the sessions that I wanted to.  I've done all of the sessions that I wanted to and completed a total of over 9 hours of training across 9 sessions.  My mood has definitely been better this week, and completing all of the sessions helped with that!

This breaks down as:

5 1/4 hours swimming (5x45 minute sessions, 1 x 90 minute session)
1 1/4 hours running (1 x 30 minute run; 1 x 45 minute run)
2 1/2 hours cycling (post to follow on that!)
1/2 hour poolside conditioning (6 x 5 mins)

In addition, I have done 8 x 4.5 mile rides to work (c.27-30 minutes), which I'm not counting, because I don't really push myself hard, and walked around for at least half an hour every lunchtime.

This week ahead is a slightly weird one.  I have two days off Monday and Tuesday as study leave to give me a chance to work on revalidating my professional qualification.  I hope to fit in a swims both days.  However, I have a commitment on my Thursday morning off which means that I won't get my usual long Thursday am swim in.  Also, on Saturday, I will be out with the local cycling club's taster ride, and on Sunday, I will be doing a 10k running race, so no swimming then either.


  1. Wow, sounds like a great training week, Verity--nice job! Can't wait to read about today's bike ride!

    1. Thanks - it's nice to step back and appreciate when things have gone well for once. Another run, and a turbo session is all I need to add on top of that really!