Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cycle speedo

So, my new toy for my bike is cheap little speedometer.  We picked it up from Halfords yesterday, and Mr Tuna set it up on the bike for our trip out today.

[As an aside, I was supposed to be getting a remedial ride with one of the coaches from the tri club today, but he was too busy.  Until I get that, I don't think I am exactly encouraged to go out with the "beginners" ride, so I had to persuade Mr Tuna to take me out.  Actually, he offered.  I feel guilty about needing him to take me out, but I'm just not confident enough on my own.  On the plus side, I didn't get as irritable as I sometimes do so he said that he really enjoyed today.  And on the double plus side, because I have plans for Sat and Sunday next week he could do TWO rides on his own next weekend if he wants].

Anyway, it was fascinating to see my pace, and a good incentive to try and keep pedalling hard to hit the numbers.  Mostly, going along, my pace seemed to be 13-14mph.  I slowed down quite a lot to go up hills (down to about 8-9mph, but I was still moving, and I guess that's faster than walking!), but I speeded up sufficiently fast going down the hills and up the other sides to hit over 20mph a few times.  My average pace was 12.9mph; I had pushed it very hard though, and I need to be able to maintain that pace for twice the distance that I covered on Sunday (29 miles...).

I can definitely improve my average pace too as I noticed a big drop off in pace for going round corners and approaching junctions (probably don't need to brake quite so much so soon) and I still brake going down hills.  Although less.  I need to get to first the stage where I don't brake going down hills and then to the stage where I pedal as wel!


  1. Having a speedometer or another type of bike computer helps training so much; it's one thing to ride, but it's much more productive to know your exact speed, cadence, distance, etc. It's all about progress, so keep up the hard work!

  2. I've not commented for ages. You seem to be getting there and I would just keep at it building yourself up gradually. It's all adding to your overall experience and bike handling.

    I've not done much at all lately, because of the heavy rain. I feel I oughtn't comment about cycling when I've not been doing much myself.

    I do know, however, that I know people who have gone straight into the fast form of cycling when they've never learned to actually ENJOY their riding. Don't forget to enjoy it too. In the long ago dark ages when I cycle raced, I had gone through my childhood and teens riding with a club, riding with the chaps, cross country (no mountain biking then) and it was a natural progression with not much effort.

    By the way, there's a play on radio 4 next week about the legendary Beryl Burton and her life. Look her up on the internet if you've never heard of her. She was the greatest woman cyclist the UK has known I think, as she won everything for years and years. (tongue in cheek she was racing when I was!!!!!