Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I ran home!

The title says it all really!  I ran home.  Well, not quite home.  I met up with Mr Tuna about half a mile from my workplace; he was in town for a blood test follow up and thus was conveniently able to take home my work clothes, my swim kit from this am (kick-ass swim session this am too!), and the dinner (including a large pineapple) which I purchased at lunchtime.  Oh and my bike so I can get back into work tomorrow.  Would have been a bit tricky to run with those things.

Right up until meeting Mr Tuna I hadn't decided whether to run or not.  It had seemed like a good idea when he suggested it last night, but I woke up with a badly upset stomach, felt okish during the day but hit a flat spot around 3.30pm when I felt sick.  Nonetheless I got changed in the loos at work into my shorts and t-shirt (a swimming t-shirt, just because I felt the need to assert myself as a swimmer still, despite running), much to the astonishment of the team of blokes that I manage, who have only ever seen me in my librarian version of business casual with minimal skin on display.  However, the evening was quite warm, and if I hadn't run home, then I'd either have had to run later or tomorrow night.  So I plugged in "Now that's what I call running" into my ears and set off.

It took me a little while to settle down, but after about five minutes I was going ok.  I purposefully didn't look at my run app until I'd got over halfway but was pleased when I did look to see that I was running about 6 mins for a k which is about what I'm aiming to do.  It got a bit harder after that as there is a downhill followed by an uphill.  I was keen to maintain my pace but probably should have eased off a bit up the hill as found myself retching 5 times at the top and had to walk for the only time on the trip home.  I did contemplate stopping and walking the rest but managed to get going again, and by the time I hit the top of our road about 1.25k later, I could have kept going.  Total distance 6.5k (would have been 7.5 I think from work...) in just under 39 minutes.

When I got home Mr Tuna had just arrived; I'd apparently passed him earlyish on because of the traffic up to the ring road, and then he passed me again just before the retching episode. I thought he was well on his way home otherwise I'd have looked out for him.  I could have done with a water station and he could have passed out a cup of water on a stick.

I'm trying to think about ways that I can do this again.  Being without my bike is a bit of an issue thought.  I need the bike to get to the pool in the morning as buses are few and far between at 6.30am and then very busy at 8.15ish when I'd need to get another to get to work.  Running in isn't an option as we don't have showers at work.  I guess I can take advantage of my Thursday morning late start, and perhaps get the bus in then, as I usually drive to the pool for my Thurs am swim.


  1. Way to go! Very impressed at your determination and focus :) xx

  2. Awesome, Verity! I never understand how people can run to work because then they have to shower and get ready there (and run with their work clothes, too).