Sunday, 17 March 2013

Another week gone

Not, perhaps the best of weeks, training or otherwise.  I overdid things early in the week (not trainingwise, but socially and at home because I thought I was better than I actually was from this depression business), and ended up having to ask for Friday off work to catch up with myself.

Saturday was my first ever session on the turbo.  I had planned to do a 50 mile bike ride but the forecast was atrocious all weekend.  So Mr Tuna set my bike up on the turbo trainer for me to complete an indoor workout.  To be honest, without a heart rate monitor it was difficult to know what to do.  But I sat and pedalled hard for 45 minutes and it alternated between being horribly hurty and horribly boring.  It's not something I'm going to do regularly, because my bike handling skills are rubbish and I need to be out on the road getting confident.  But I suppose in a crisis, it's better than nothing...

...I then turned my first turbo session into my first ever brick.  I got off the turbo, popped my trainers on and went on my standard 5k run loop.  Interestingly, the first 2k felt really good, compared to running on its own, my legs were warm and my heart rate was up, but the last k was a bit of a struggle.  I then decided to turn the workout into a bit of a reverse triathlon and headed off to the pool and got in 3k swim.  I was hurting after all of that!

I had planned to try to get 6k done in the pool today, but my shoulder was giving me some gip and it was a real struggle to get to 5k.  I also think I might have been under-fuelled; I have put on a little bit of weight since getting back from Tenerife and am trying not to let it creep up.  But it's a fine balance between trying not to overeat, and ending up not eating sufficiently to fuel my workouts.  Will have to work on that one!

This week ended up at 8 3/4 hours of training, a bit disappointing as I would have reached 9 had my shoulder not been playing up, and would easily have reached 10 if I'd been able to get out on my bicycle.

Oh well, onwards.  I have my first tri of the season a week today, so I really hope that the weather improves.  Not least because it will be very cold in a wet trisuit.  It's only a sprint and I know that I am definitely capable of the distance; I am hoping for a time around 1h 30 minutes if I am lucky :)

Totals for this last week:
19.5k swimming (across 6 sessions)
10k running (across 2 sessions)
45 minutes on the turbo
1h pilates class

(in addition, quite a lot of walking on the 4 days at work as I was doing tours for interview candidates, and 7 x 4.5 mile rides to or from work).


  1. Ah, I didn't know you have a race next week--that's so exciting!

  2. Good luck with the race next week lovely xx