Sunday, 10 March 2013

Another week of training in the bag...

Pretty pleased with this week as managed to do 10.5 hours of training in the past week.

I completed 5 swims:
2 x 2.5k
2 x 4.5k (on Tuesday, a course that started later than my usual start time meant an extra hour in the pool, and on Thursday, for the first time in ages, I actually managed to get up on my morning off rather than stay in bed)
1 x 5k (today, the furthest I've swum in a couple of months, 1.5k of drills, and then 3.25k of continuous swimming as I need to build up the mental tolerance for distance again)
Swimming has definitely clicked in again; the week after a training camp is always a bit hideous as I am very tired, but then you usually start to feel some improvement.  No Olympians hanging out at the pool now means that I can get on with the job in hand!

I went out on the bike:
40 mile ride yesterday (had to go around the block when I got back as was 3/4 mile short)

I went to pilates!  And I wished that my pilates teacher did another class that I could get to as I would have liked to have gone again.

I didn't run at all - at the start of the week I was nursing a slightly strained ankle, now it's a bit better, but getting out on the bike and getting a decent amount of swimming in was the priority for this week.

In other news, I'm hopefully lining up something exciting, less than 2 weeks after completing the ironman.   Watch this space as I just need the ducks to get in the row first (day off work, B and B accommodation booked, the website for the actual event to work when I try to enter...).  I'm also about to fully update the events on the right hand side of the blog-site with everything that I've got lined up for this year :)


  1. Awesome work on the swimming front this week! I can't imagine swimming 5-K! Did you cycle solo or with a group ... or with Mr. Tuna? ;)

  2. Sounds like a really good week. I just can't imagine how you manage to swim so far in so little time. I am heading to a hotel with a lap pool next week, and am very conscious that it'll probably take me 30 seconds to swim one length of the 25 metre distance!