Sunday, 3 March 2013

Back to training

A week of training completed, post camp.  Sadly, it was a rather dismal 6.5 hours of training completed, due to post-camp tiredness and low mood.  I'll also blame the extremely grey weather.  Oh well. 

I managed 10k of swimming, 5k of running (and managed to pull a muscle in my left ankle), a brutal pilates class (abs still hurt 4 days later...), and my first bike ride in over 2 months this morning.  I completed 30 miles in an average speed of 13mph, which felt really disappointing as I was really pushing it.  I've got a long way to go to be able to complete 56 miles and in the time required (needs me to average 14-15mph)  As I said above, Oh well.

This week, I intend to continue with the swimming, hopefully getting in a longer 4-5k swim one day this week (possibly Tuesday as a course means I don't need to be in at work until a little later than usual) and if the weather is good a bike ride is a must-do for the weekend.  I'll be at Pilates on Wednesday as usual, but perhaps not pushing myself *quite* as much.

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  1. It's tough when weather affects workouts. Glad you got back on the bike! :)