Sunday, 24 March 2013

Unplanned end to the week

For most of this week I wasn't worrying about being too focussed on my training.  My shoulder was sore and needed a trip to the osteopath, and I thought that if I didn't train too much it didn't matter as I'd be nice and fresh for the triathlon at the end of the week.  Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas.  We haven't had as much snow here as other parts of the country (fortunately) but as the forecast worsened, it looked like the tri would be turned into an Aquathlon.  I was a bit worried that the ground would be slippy and a bit fed up because it cost a lot of money for an aquathlon.  In the end, the entire thing was called off because it was looking unlikely that all of the officials would have been able to make it.  Disappointing, but given how cold it is today, probably a good thing.  Instead, I did 45 minutes on the turbo trainer, ran 3k off the bike (absolutely freezing) and swam 2.5k, so a sort of mini triathlon in reverse.  To cheer myself up I've entered another pool sprint on the 1st, but this one will involve a 4.30am start :(

In the end this week, I've swum a total of 14.5k, run 8k, spent 45 minutes on the turbo trainer, done 9 x 4.5 mile cycles to or from work, and a pilates class.

Only four days at work this week, and then I'm off with Mr Tuna for 10 days.  I've just drawn up a schedule and hoping to get a fair amount of training in amongst other things!

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  1. I know we talked about this on Twitter--that's great you completed a "triathlon" of your own even though the race was canceled. Very solid training day! Waking up at 4:30 a.m. isn't so bad once you're used to it. (That's my normal wake-up time these days. ;)) Definitely "practice" getting up and working out at that time before the race!