Sunday, 6 January 2013

Last week/this week

Looking back at the first week of training of 2013, I'm actually quite pleased, despite the fact that since returning to work my mood has been somewhat mixed and both weekend days I've found myself struggling to get out of bed (1pm yesterday, 11am today).

I managed:
10k of running, across 2 sessions
75k bike ride
16.5k of swimming, across 5 sessions.

I was supposed to go out for the tri club ride today, but despite setting my alarm, I just couldn't get going.  But I was pleased with the 4.5k swim set that I did instead as that's the furthest I've swum in a month, and I could easily have carried on to 5k, had my car park ticket had a bit longer left on it!

Looking forward to next week, I'm not sure that I want to set too many goals.  My mental well-being is a bit fragile so I don't want to end up beating myself up for things that I can't achieve.  I also know that I have quite a full-on week at work.

I'm hoping to complete 15-16k of swimming, 2 runs and maybe a bike ride.  On Saturday, I am also going to a "Tri Triple Whammy" workshop in Oxford, which is going to be some pilates and stretching exercises for swimmers/triathletes, followed by an hour in the pool.  Should be good!


  1. Oooo, the workout sounds neat--you'll have to take some pictures! :)

  2. Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit fragile this week, but you've achieved so much - well done :D And off the back of verity inspiration I'm into my second week of walking and exercise (circuits - ugh my circuit fitness is appaling once again) for the year. I actually did 2 months last year because of you, but stopped because of holidays, so back to it now. Possibly some swimming this week.