Sunday, 20 January 2013

The more it snows...tiddly pom...

...the more annoyed I get with the disruption to my training and everyday life! 

To be fair to both myself and the weather, most of the week was ok until Friday when we got sent home from work at 3pm (absolutely unheard of!).  Monday's snow was slushy and quickly washed away when it turned to rain.  And because it was the weekend, I've still been able to get to the pool by bus yesterday and with a lift from Mr T/bus today.  The main roads are ok, but the 500m to the top of our road is very slippy and I can't get my car out.

I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of running.  I didn't run on Monday or Tuesday evenings as I sometimes do because I was scared of the icy pavements.  I did manage to fit in a 5k on my morning off on Thursday (having already swam 5k in the pool).  I went to the gym yesterday and ran on the treadmill but it was torturous and I only managed 5k before going to sit on the recumbent bike until the pool opened.  Didn't help that I had forgotten my headphones!!

On the plus side, I swam 23k across 7 sessions.  I thought about taking today off, but at least with it being a weekend day, I could take my time getting to the pool, and then maybe rest tomorrow or Tuesday when I have to go before work and it is dark and conditions are dangerous.  Also, there was a heating problem at the pool which meant no hot water (and pools only heated to 26C rather than 29C which I thought was lovely), and I won't be able to go for a swim or even the gym en route to work if I can't get a shower!

Like last week, I'm not making plans for the coming week, as I have no idea what the weather will hold and whether I'll be able to get the car out etc for things like pilates and my Thursday am swim.  At least with 2 good weeks in the bag I don't mind taking things easier in the coming week, especially as it looks like RAIN by next weekend which I hope will wash the snow away.  Only 3 weeks until my half marathon and 4 until swim camp so I really hope that I can continue to get the swimming in and resume running ASAP.

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  1. Ugh, running on the treadmill is the worst--especially without music and headphones! Hope the weather improves!