Sunday, 27 January 2013

Catching up on the last week

After a week which involved 23k of swimming, this week was always going to be less than spectacular.  Throw in the continued snow and icy conditions, and not great mood, an an extra late shift and a Sunday shift, and a slightly disappointing week resulted.  Perhaps I'm being a little bit harsh on myself.  Despite the snow/ice, I managed (by dint of walking up to the main road) to cycle into work 5 days, and cycle home 3 days (the other 2 were late duties so Mr Tuna picked me up).  I managed to swim 4 mornings before work, staying in bed on my morning off on Thursday before catching up with some cooking, and swim before work today, totalling just under 14k of swimming.  I have to say I wasn't feeling the swimming really though!

The highlight of  the week has to have been my run on Saturday morning.  I'd been planning a long run the previous Saturday, but the weather got in the way.  After torrential rain on Friday night (hurrah!) and no more freeze, the pavements were pretty much clear.  It was still icy on our road, and out of our village, but after about 1k from our house it was fine.  Ran down to work, around the Radcliffe Camera, and back.  No walking, and completed 14k in 1h 23 minutes.  I was very pleased, even if the 1st mile was a real struggle (because I just felt dismal) and the last mile was a struggle (legs were tired).  I know now that I should be able to get around a half marathon, even if I run 14k and walk the rest.  Maybe even in the target that I've set myself of 2h15...

So total activity for this week:
13.75k of swimming
14k of running (IN ONE GO!)
and 1 pilates class
and 8 x 4.5 mile commutes

Not sure what this week will hold, but hopefully there will be something to write about at the end of it!


  1. Congrats on finishing your long run! It's difficult to improve endurance and long miles during the winter because the weather isn't always the best, so great work!

  2. All of a sudden I'm reading this and able to 'hear' your voice, which is just lovely! All the best with that running leg, I will most definitely be thinking of you :)