Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Last night, after work I went to a tri club workshop on "how to change a punctured inner tube".  I was feeling pretty rotten and nearly didn't go, but I'm glad I made the effort as everyone was really kind and helpful and I now have a good understanding of the process.  Here I am taking a wheel off the bike - note the best clothes which were worn for an important away half day at work, and entirely inappropriate for changing a puncture in.

I learnt:
* how to take a wheel off a bike (including the tricky back wheel)
* how to prise off the tyre using tyre levers
* how to remove the inner tube
* how to replace the inner tube
* how to put the tyre back on.

The thing I struggled most with was getting the tyre off as I don't seem to have enough strength in my thumbs.  I'm going to need to practice...

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