Monday, 1 April 2013

End of the week (month) roundup

I didn't manage an end of week round up yesterday.  I had a pretty rubbish day, and didn't manage to do the training planned (2 hour bike); in fact I barely managed to get out of bed, and when we went out for a walk, I could barely walk for half an hour.  It wasn't looking good for the tri today (separate post, later...), and I definitely didn't feel like writing the week up.

But, actually, it wasn't too bad.  I totalled very nearly 10 hours of training:

2 x 5k runs = 10k.
5 x 2.5k swims = 12.5k
1 x 79k bike ride = 79k
1 x pilates class

As it's also the end of March, it seems to be a good time to round up my training from the month:

27.5k running
58k swimming (disappointing, but have continued to try to sort my shoulder out)
191k bike.

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  1. Can't wait to hear how the triathlon went! Keep up the training!