Saturday, 6 April 2013

End of week round up - 21 weeks to go

I've decided to start counting down the weeks until the half ironman.  There aren't actually that many left.  I'm still in a position where I'm not feeling confident about the bike leg, and I've got tendonitis in my right shoulder/arm which means that swimming is strictly being rationed at the moment, which makes me sad as I have my first attempt at 3.8k in 2013 in 7 weeks time :(

So, I had this week off work with the hope of getting in a fair amount of training.  I was hoping for swimming, but actually it's been a reasonable amount of cycling.  The week's work isn't quite done as we're hopefully attempting a sportive on Sunday (which if completed will merit its own post).  Today I was supposed to be at a Tri theory day run by our club, but I am overtired after my first successful day out in months (damn depression) and have had to stay at home in bed :(

The week included:
1 x sprint triathlon
2 x runs (1 x 5k, 1 x 6.5k)
2 x cycle rides (1 x 25k, 1 x 48k)
2 x swims (1 x 3k, 1 x 3.5k) (eek - just 6.5k swimming seems really little and sad :( )

No pilates as my teacher had flu :( But a respectable 8h 15m of training thus far (Sunday ride excluded)

Oh, and the picture at the top?  It's my very own replica Austrialian Olympic swimming costume and Swim for Tri swimming bag!  This lovely surprise arrived in the post from the lovely Dan and Vicky at Swim for Tri as a birthday surprise.  I was very touched and super excited (not least because my swimming bag of 10 years + has finally died).  Definitely one of the highlights of the week.  I also hada new cycling dress from Mr Tuna to wear should the weather ever warm up, and some money which will go towards buying me some super cosy boots to wear after openwater swimming this summer!

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  1. Oooh. Envious of that swimming cozzie.... Congrats and happy birthday from Texas.