Saturday, 27 April 2013

Rest day/clip in pedals

This week has been a bit of a struggle after my awesome week of training that preceded it; more about that tomorrow in the weekly wrap up post.  Thus, I promised myself that if I went sub 1:25 for the Swimathon, I would take a whole rest day today.  Much as I love the sense of achievement that comes from getting training in, there is definitely also a time to listen to the body, and let it have a rest, ready to get some more training in. 

I woke up feeling unrefreshed and achy.  Lay in bed until 11am, when I got up and did some errands.   I then decided to give the clip in pedals a go - this wasn't real training, more a bit of skills practice and to let myself get a bit of sunshine whilst it was out.  I'd spent half an hour practising on the turbo on Thursday am and felt fairly confident, but knew it would be much harder.  Mr Tuna took me out onto our very small and badly surfaced drive and I had a go.  It WAS hard.  There were tears, but no tantrums (perhaps surprisingly, given how tired I was), but eventually I felt confident enough to head off around the block and practice stopping and clipping in and out.  No accidents, but did find it hard sometimes to get the second foot in.

Consequently, I've decided that it's a bit too risky to go out for the club ride tomorrow with them, so we'll be changing my pedals back to the toe-clip ones tonight.  Next week I can't make the club ride, so I'll try to go out on my own at the weekend for a proper ride and see if I get on ok.  I'm pretty confident with getting out, it's just the getting into them.

The rest of today?  Preparing for the training this week, with the first openwater swim of the season coming up I needed to get my kit out.  Reading.  And having a couple of friends around for some cake. 

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  1. Getting used to clipping in and out takes time, so try not to get too frustrated. Like swimming, biking, and running, it's all about muscle memory and practicing the correct actions over and over again--stick with it!