Friday, 19 April 2013

Swimming progress

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that recently I’ve had a lot of shoulder problems.  It’s been frustrating because swimming is my favourite and as we get nearer to race season I want to put in harder workouts.  On the plus side, it seems that it may have been beneficial.  I spent a lot more time on the bike which has helped.  And when I’ve been in the pool, I’ve spent a lot of time doing drills. 

On Tuesday this week, I found myself with 75 minutes of swimming time as opposed to the normal 45, and after 2k of drills, decided to do a 1k time trial.  I felt quite surprised to come in at 16:10 and wondered if I’d  miscounted my lengths and lost 50m somewhere.  I must have been swimming flat out as I wasn’t able to swim another 1k freestyle after as planned, and had to do an extended 1.25k warm down of a medley of strokes.  On Thursday, I again had 75 minutes in the pool (this is normal for a Thursday), so I decided to repeat the exercise.  To my surprise I came in at 15:47.  After 60s rest, I decided to do another k.  Initially it wasn’t going to be a time trial, but then I changed my mind.  And I came in at 15:57.  Which suggests that Tuesday’s time was indeed correct.  These are definitely my fastest pool times ever; I tend to swim faster in a wetsuit and I tend to swim faster in open water where there is no need to turn around.  But these are a good 45 seconds faster than the times put in last year.

Explanations?  Probably a combination of things.  Another year of swimming and endurance under my belt.  Another year of practising drills and another swim camp done.  Cross training on the bike and run.  And taking up Fitness Pilates in January this year.

As a reward I found myself ordering a new swimming costume.  Which provoked a discussion with various friends.  What is an acceptable number of swimming costumes?  I only have about 9, of which 2 are tankinis, and 3 rub quite badly under the arm so don’t get much wear.   When many of them don’t last for more than 2 months if you wear them every day then it’s good to buy multiples of favourites I reckon.  Maybe I’ll do a post about my swimming costumes sometime soon.


  1. Woohoo for progress! Not that I consider myself a legitimate swimmer, but I have three suits and really wear only one of them because the other two stretched out.

  2. I have at least 4 or 5 on the go, and rotate them during the week.