Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekly catch up - 19 weeks to go

And what a GOOD week it's been!  My mood is on the up - fingers crossed for sustained improvement - and despite a few wobbles, I've mostly been full of the joys of spring.  And that's made training easier.  I'm checking in for the week with 12 good hours of training and plenty of ks and miles in the bag.

So what did I get up to?

Monday: Swim 2.5k.  My bottom was very sore from the ride on Sunday and I was pretty tired so I canned the run that was planned.
Tuesday: Swim 4k.  I was on a course which meant I didn't need to be in until 9.30 so I took advantage of a little lie in and then a bit longer in the pool.  I was so hungry that I found myself eating my lunch outside afterwards, before 9am.  I then had to have crisps for lunch as the only non meat, gluten free option.  Oh well.  I was still really tired so didn't do the run from Monday
Wednesday: Swim 2.5k.  Pilates in the evening.  Possibly the most brutal workout ever.  OW.  Worked abs so much, and it turned out the intercostal muscles.  Unlike pain from a run or a bike, when the following day you can barely walk, pilates pain kicks in a lot later, and I suddenly seized up on the sofa.  As I said.  Ow.
Thursday: Swim 4k (with my 2 x 1k time trials).  30 minutes on the turbo.
Friday:  Rest morning!  But I still needed to fit in that run, so I forced myself to go out when I got back from work.  Not too bad, little 5k plod.
Saturday:  Off to the Rosenblatt pool to meet cycling Claire for a swimathon training session.  5k in the pool for me, with a mainset of 5x600m off 10 minutes.  Hard going.  Need to keep practising that as a basis for my 3.8k swims, taking it up to 6x600m off 10 minutes.  If I can do that in a pool, then I might be on track for a sub1h in a wetsuit if my sighting is sufficiently good.  Also did some drills and wore my new swimming costume and the shoulder behaved reasonably.  Went for a short 3k run when I got back as it was such a nice day and wanted to be outside.  Nice restful afternoon seeing my Dad and reading Jessica Ennis' autobiography.
Sunday: Out with the beginner's group from the triclub.  Cycling Claire was taking out her brand new bike, less than 24 hours old.  I would have been envious if it had been pink but it wasn't, so that was alright.  Found it much easier to keep up than the last time I went out with the group, and even the coach that made me cry back in November was heard to say that I'd improved.  I think knowing that I can cycle from the City of London to Oxon gives me confidence in my abilities.  In fact, not only did I not leave the ride when it went past the turning for my house, 4 miles from the end, I was heard to complain that we'd only done 41 miles, and went home the long way around to gain another 8 miles and take in one of the hills again.  I was so happy to do 49 miles in an average speed of 12.9mph as getting really quite close to minimum target speed for the 70.3 now which means I can start to get a little excited that I might manage to complete it.  However, I have spent the afternoon napping and then feeling grumpy that I was so tired that I wasted an afternoon I could have at least spent reading, so there is still progress to be made there.

18k swim
8k run
79k bike (+ turbo)

And what's in store this week
Mon am: 2.5k swim (appointment after work so no run)
Tues am: 2.5k swim (working late so no run)
Weds am: 2.5k swim; Weds pm: pilates
Thurs am: 4k swim; 35 minutes on turbo
Fri am: SWIMATHON! (5k swim)
Sat am: Run - 7k?
Sun am: Club bike ride

[for those of you who haven't come across it, Swimathon is an annual fundraising challenge which you can read about here.  I'll be doing the 5k challenge at the ungodly hour of 6.15am (but it means that I should be done in time for work...).  Last year I think my lengths were miscounted and I did 2 extra, so I am really hoping that I will make it under 1h30 this time without extra lengths.  Hoping that my shoulder holds up]

[I may well skip either Tues am or Weds am swim if I am tired!]


  1. Wow, lots of swimming--nice work! This past week, I've noticed a sense of urgency in the triathlete air. It seems like a lot of people are realizing their races aren't too far away; lots have come to the running store for gear, wetsuits, etc. My teammates who are doing 70.3s have started doing longer runs and rides this week too.

  2. Holy moly you're doing well! You sound properly excited and I can see why. May I ask, when you say "6x600m off 10 minutes", what exactly does that mean? Would I just say "6x600m in under 10 minutes"?

    The next time I'm contemplating an exercise routine (in about 5 weeks) I shall remember you referencing a "little 5k plod" and feel thoroughly ashamed to contemplate wussing out! Good luck this week :)