Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April roundup

What a good month April ended up being.  I’ve just totalled up my training and I’m really pleased.  Helped along by a week off work at the start and two very long bike rides, my totals are pretty good.  I had my second highest running month this year (second to February), with 31.2k run.  I had my third highest swimming month with 61.4k swum (after January and February, where I was training for swim camp and where weather precluded other training options); not bad given that I wasn’t able to swim as much as I would have liked on my week off due to shoulder issues.  And I had my highest ever cycling month (doubling any amount ever cycled in a month before) of 425k!!  Obviously, the Quattro Sportive and Westminster to Islip bike ride boosted the figures, but I did also do a couple of bike rides on my own on my week off, and two club rides.

It also saw my first triathlon of the season, at Thames Turbo, a 7 minute Swimathon PB, and my first openwater swim of theseason.

What a good month.

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