Monday, 27 May 2013

Some random thoughts

Here are some random half-formed thoughts that aren't quite sufficient to warrant blog posts on their own but which are worth writing down.

1. What I love most about tri today?  I can race hard yesterday, and still train hard today by doing a different activity - 10k run before work, which is the furthest I've run since the half marathon in February.  My shoulders were sore, and now my legs are too.  Looking forward to a gentle lake dip tonight.

2. What I love most about tri today part 2? My fitness must be improving as I didn't feel as tired as I used to after racing 3.8k!

3. What I love least about tri at the moment?  The constant showering and resultant hair drying.  I can't get away with arriving at work with wet hair, and don't like going to bed with wet hair, so I spend at least 15-20 minutes a day with the hair dryer in hand.  I had 2.5 inches cut off at the weekend with the hope of cutting this time down.  It makes it easier to maintain, but I don't like how I look with shorter hair.  On the plus side, none of my colleagues or the friends that I've seen since I had it cut have noticed, so I hope it isn't too bad.  I am also not a great fan of  the enormous amounts of washing we're doing at the moment.

4.  I can't remember whether I have written about it on this blog yet but I have been interviewed for Triathlon Plus magazine.  This is being followed up with a photoshoot to accompany it, taking place this Saturday.  I'm really quite anxious about it - both the fact that it may take 4 or 5 hours to get the shots that we need - and the fact that someone will be taking photos of me to be published in a national magazine (see 5 below).  So I've been buying a couple of new items of kit to make me feel better - a new running skort from Sweaty Betty - and some new Speedo trishorts.  I'm definitely planning on wearing separates for my 70.3 race (easier to go to the loo!) so these ones with pink flashes should do the job nicely, although come race day .  I always feel self conscious running and currently wear a Nike skort, but this new skort gives me a second option if I'm not up to date with the washing (see 3 above).

5. I seem to be developing a really weird body shape from tri.  My friend took a picture of me yesterday in my swimsuit after the race and I looked like a swimmer - huge, huge shoulders.  However, I also have really tiny slim calves and tree trunk like legs.  Seriously strange.


  1. You look strong, athletic and beautiful. So there.

    I hate the hair washing involved in training, it drives me mad. And I can go to work with wet hair and in my gym kit!

  2. I can't believe you blow-dry your hair so often! Thankfully, I can get away with wet hair at work. Also, you reminded me to get my hair cut ASAP. :)

    It's crazy how our bodies change as a result of training. I've developed more muscular shoulders for sure (thanks a bunch, swimming!), and my legs and calves are the most defined they've ever been. Don't think of having a huge upper body, though--think about how *strong* you are and how capable your body is when it comes to swimming, biking, and running.