Saturday, 4 May 2013

Weekly roundup (17 weeks to go)

This week was intended to be a fairly light week - I have a short race tomorrow - and I was tired at the end of last week.  In fact, I packed an awful lot of training into the first 5 days.  Consequently, I decided on having a rest today (instead doing some clearing out and tidying up at home, which always feels productive!).

What did I do?
Monday: 2.5k swim am, 15 minute openwater swim pm
Tuesday: 4.5k swim am, osteopath visit pm
Wednesday: 8k run am, pilates pm
Thursday: 4.5k swim am, 30 minutes turbo am.
Friday: 2.5k swim am
Saturday: rest
Sunday: aquathlon (750m swim, 5k run).

13k run
15k swim
7.5 hours of training

I'm not sure how I feel about the race tomorrow.  It really doesn't align with my season's goals (sub hour for 3.8k, finish my 70.3), and I'm a little bit gutted that if I'd been doing the race I originally intended to do at Bedford today, I would have won the 1500m or come second in the 3.8k.  Why is it that sometimes racing is just about who's entered rather than how well you do on the day?!  I'm entering because the chance to qualify for the World Championships is so tempting, even if in reality my swim time will cut it, but my run just won't.  It should be a good fun event though, and I'm promising myself that if I do well in the swim, then I might just enter another couple of swim races this season as I've identified a couple of possibilities (only if I'm prepared then to go out on a run when I get home!!!).

What's lined up for this week?
Bit of a strange week this week one way and another what with the Bank Holiday and a couple of appointments that change the usual patterns.
Monday: 4k swim am (start late due to the Bank Hol!); openwater swim pm
Tuesday: run am (have appointment near home first thing so not time to go to the pool!); working late pm
Wednesday: 2.5k swim am, no pilates so hopefully 1h bike?
Thursday am: 4k swim am, then run (if not bike on Weds then turbo then)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: run, 3k swim at Uxbridge lido
Sunday: long bike
Not quite sure how the week will work out with totals

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  1. Love the pink shoelaces. :) Have a great race tomorrow, Verity!