Sunday, 19 May 2013

Weekly round up (15 weeks to go) (including a breakthrough bike ride)

Before I write this week's round up, I want to mention today's bike ride which was definitely a breakthrough one for me.  Out with the club today, lovely warm sunny ride.  Annoyed early on by the suggestion that we split into a faster and slower beginner's group, I was determined to keep up when I argued for us keeping the group together.  Without further ado, here's the vital statistics:
I cycled 50.9 miles in 4h02; I hit the 50 mile point in 4 hours.  3h 30 was moving time, which gave me an average speed of an amazing 14.5mph (previously I've been lucky to hit 13mph).  I even hit a maximum speed of 25mph on one downhill bit.  At one point, I was leading off the front of the group at 18mph!  I obviously had legs of steel today, although I came home, ate, and collapsed.  Subsequently have revived enough to plant some vegetables in the garden.

What did I get up to this week?
A solid 11.5 hours of training, excellent bike ride, 15k of swimming and an ok 13k of running AND a pilates class.  WIN.  (Although, I was supposed to bike on Tuesday and it was pouring with rain so I didn't...)
Monday: 2.5k swim, 5k run
Tuesday: 2.5k swim
Wednesday: 8k run, pilates
Thursday: 5.5k swim (!), 20 minute turbo
Friday: OFF
Saturday: c. 1k swum helping beginners; 3.5k pool swim
Sunday: 80k bike.

What is the plan for this week?
Sadly, insufficient people are coming to pilates to keep it running over the summer; I am very sad about this as I love the class.  I'm going to try a class at the local leisure centre meanwhile, it will be quite a tight turnaround from work, and I suspect it won't be quite as hardcore, but it's better than nothing.  Also, with pilates, it can be as hard as you want it to be right?!  This week is mainly a swim focussed week, finishing with a swim race on Sunday, so, having rocked today's ride, I'm going to allow myself a little bit of leeway with cycling this week.  It'll only be a total of about 6 hours of training this week so hopefully then I'll be ready for another hard week following and going back to the 70.3 plan.

Monday: am 2.5k swim, pm 1k outdoor swim (sans wetsuit???)
Tuesday: am 9k run (determined to go a bit further this time!), pm short bike/turbo or OFF.
Wednesday: am 2.5k swim, pm pilates
Thursday: am 5k swim, 5k run
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Help with the beginner's OW session.
Sunday: RACE.  (3.8k)


  1. Keep up the good work on the bike! You know what they say: a good bike means a good race.

  2. Well done on the bike, that's amazing and a real breakthrough for you! And sorry to hear about Pilates, the other class should keep you going and you know the basics now to practise on your own, too ...