Friday, 31 May 2013

May round up

I’m pretty pleased with my month of May.  I may have only been on two long bike rides, compared with April when I clocked up 6, and this has hugely affected the kilometres covered, but they were both solid rides.  I’ve also managed to fit in at least 1 turbo per week.  The thing that pleases me most is the consistency of my running – I’ve done 2 runs every week of May, one shorter 5k run and one increasingly long run, going from 8k in the first two weeks to 10k this week.  This is definitely something that I look forward to building on.

I won my first race!  And did some skins swimming [swimming with a wetsuit] for the first time.  So things have improved greatly from that rather rubbish aquathlon at the start of the month.

65.25 k swum across 21 swimming sessions (some of them only 1k due to openwater swimming in chilly water!)
68.18 k run across 10 runs
150k bike across 2 rides
2h 10 minutes on the turbo training
3h 45 minutes of pilates.
=44 hours of training logged in May.

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  1. Nice work, Verity--hope to see this training momentum continue through June!