Saturday, 1 June 2013

Triathlon Plus photoshoot

Today was the day of my photoshoot for Triathlon Plus Magazine for an interview with me which will be published in their August edition as part of their "We're inspired by...." series.

I was pretty nervous about it - I'm the girl who got bored after 30 minutes of wedding photos and the deterioration in my enjoyment of being photographed there can be charted through the grump expression in the resulting photos.  Add to that body image issues as so many women I know have, and the fact that the first part of the shoot was going to take place in front of a load of people from my tri club.  However, it wasn't too bad, and I look forward to seeing the finished results.

We started with some shots of me in my wetsuit (with a bit of water tipped over, rather than me getting in the water and thus starting to shiver) at the tri club lake at 7am this morning.  Unfortunately, Mr Tuna was Photographer's Assistant at that point holding a huge reflector so no pictures of that.  I didn't mind too much having my photo taken wearing my mirrored goggles as it was very easy to just remain expressionless.

I then had to help with the last beginners' swim session, so there was a hiatus for an hour or so, during which time Mr Tuna and the Photographer went to scope out locations for the next bit of the shoot.  We actually ended up along the route that we cycled along only a couple of weeks ago, just below Wittenham Clumps in Oxon.  Cycling shots were taken along the road (and I tried not to shiver as I was still a bit cold from the swim); I think I cycled along it about 10 times.  Unfortunately most of Mr Tuna's shots were blurry or I was far distant, but here's a basic idea:

We then went up onto Wittenham Clumps themselves.  What a beautiful day.  Here I had to run up the hill a little way a number of times.  In order to make oneself look like one is running, it is important to lift the knees up and keep the arms in.  Apparently some people find this really difficult but it was ok.

Finally we went to the business park where Mr Tuna works to get a portrait of my face taken against a white wall.

So that was that.  We were over by about 11am, and so I was able to get a swim in before lunch.  Happy Verity.  I'll be interested to see what photos they choose to use and the article will be in the August edition of Triathlon Plus on sale on 22nd June.

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