Sunday, 9 June 2013

Weekly round up (12 weeks to go)

12 weeks out from half ironman now...scary thought but I can feel my fitness growing.  Yesterday I raced hard in a sprint triathlon (separate post on that to come..) and my legs were really sore last night, but I still managed to get out for 30 miles on the bike this morning at a reasonable pace, and felt like I could have managed to go on for another 10.  It's been a tough week, battling my depression symptoms, and feeling all out of sync due to slightly different working patterns.  But I got through the week, and I hope having my usual working pattern may make this week a little easier? 

What happened this week?
The proudest moment of the week was at the lake on Monday night, where I had got in to do a lap first before Claire the Crayfish.  She planned to get in and see how she got on, and I would catch up.  When eventually I caught her up, she'd got much further than either of us had expected, and I was waved on, so that she could complete the lap on her own!

Monday: am - 2.75k pool swim, pm - 2k lake swim (without wetsuit)
Tuesday: am - 11k run, pm - osteopath visit (neck now sorted out)
Wednesday: am - 5.25k swim, 14.5k bike, pm: 30 minutes pilates
Thursday: am - 2.5k swim
Friday: off
Saturday: Sprint triathlon (750m swim, 19.8k bike, 5.4k run) = 1h40
Sunday: 47k bike

I was surprised by not finding the bike ride too tough after hammering my legs yesterday; it was fairly flat but we maintainted a good pace.

10.5 hours training completed.

What's the plan for this week?
Monday: am - pool swim, pm - lake swim
Tuesday: am - swim , pm: bike
Wednesday: am - 10k run, pm: pilates
Thursday: am - swim, bike
Friday: off
Saturday: am run, swim?
Sunday: long bike with club.

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