Sunday, 9 June 2013

Blenheim Tri 2013

I wasn't a happy triathlete either before or after Blenheim this year.  Rubbish week depression-wise and spending most of the evening before in floods of tears for complicated reasons was perhaps not the best race prep.  I enjoyed having my first lie in bed past 8am for weeks as we didn't have to leave until 10am but I could have happily stayed there until lunchtime.

Anyway, rather than a full race report, here's some good things and some bad things, and then a few pictures.

What was good
  • I loved being in an all female wave, which was the second of three all-female waves, which meant that there were no boy racers trying to overtake on their TT bikes.  
  • This also meant that I was able to hold my own to some extent.  I'll be fascinated to see where the splits come out in the overall results, but I was overtaking people for once, and did not get overtaken on any of the lumpy bits.  Well, not going up, I did going down....
  • When I got off the bike, after pushing it really very hard, I wondered whether I could run at all.  I managed to go around at a steady trot, picking people off, and only being overtaken by a few people, 
  • Apart from the swim, I was quicker in all of the sections than last year, even in T2 where I couldn't find my spot in transition.  And I was still over 10 minutes faster than last year, mainly due to the bike, but also due to a good three minutes on the run.
  • I've recovered quickly enough to be able to do a 30 mile bike ride today.

What was bad
  • My swim was dismal.  Over a minute slower than last year.  And really can't explain why, unless I possibly didn't sight that well.
  • There had been a bit of a cockup with the course, which meant that there was a mandatory 10m dismount 
  • It was either the above, or the fact that I couldn't find my spot in transition, that cost me the 13 seconds that took me over the 1h40 that I had my sights set on. 
  • My legs hurt so much after it, excruciating.
  • I was tired and grumpy for the rest of the day.
Here's a few pictures.


  1. Nice job, Verity! It's tough to train for long-course events and race short-course ones. You look so poised and strong coming out of the water!

  2. Verity, that you could keep going through all of that is amazing. Really. I'm sorry to hear the evening before was so awful and that you're so sore afterwards but wish you to know that what you achieved yesterday is remarkable. Condolences on missing out on the 1 hr 40 by such a slight margin. x