Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekly round up (10 weeks to go)

10 weeks to go!  Argh!  Next week we'll be down into single figures.  It's mostly been a pretty good week, partly due to a slightly different work pattern that enabled me to get in an extra bike workout.  I only ran once, but my legs have been very tired so I don't think that's too bad.

What did I do?
Mon am: 3k swim; pm 1k lake swim (would have been nice if it had been a bit longer but I was really tired and only really went because it was Claire's last chance to practice for her race)
Tues am: 10k run - this was only 100 seconds off my 10k pb time so given that that was on still tired legs from last weekend, I was pretty pleased
Weds am: 4.5k swim (I had a late start at work); pm: 20 mile bike (I had the afternoon off work)
Thurs am: 4.5k swim; 30 minutes stretching/pilates/flexibility (I had another late start for work)
Fri: OFF
Sat: 1.5k swim race (separate report to follow); 2k cool down swim
Sun: 56 mile bike ride (Mr Tuna is away so after the club ride which today was very hilly and windy, I carried on and did another 11 miles to make it up to 70.3 distance.  I'm happy that despite the hills and the wind I managed to complete it in just under 4.5 hours which is what I need to do for my race.  However on race day I'll need to run a half marathon as well.  I'm hoping the adrenalin will carry me through as I've spent the afternoon exhausted.

10k of running
16.5k of swimming
76 miles on the bike
30 minutes of pilates, stretching and making friends with my new foam roller (I've been trying to do 5 minutes or so of foam rollering every night, usually whilst waiting for dinner to cook)

13 hours of training this week - eek!

What's the plan for this week?
I'll ease off a little this week as I am on annual leave the week after and want to get in some good training then.
Monday am: swim, pm: lake swim
Tuesday am: 10k+ run
Wednesday am: swim, pm: 5k run + stretching/pilates
Thursday am: longer swim, bike
Friday: OFF
Sat: swim?
Sun: bike

But for now it's back to resting on the sofa.  I am very very tired.

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  1. Woo, busy training week! It's great to log a few of those 50-mile rides in preparation for the half. Then when it's race day, you'll know you've completed the distance before.