Saturday, 1 June 2013

Weekly round up (13 weeks to go)

Eeek!  Can't believe how fast the weeks are going by.  But I had a good week of training, with double training sessions on 4 days.  I've felt much more energised this week.  Not sure if it was not having wrecked myself on a long hard bike ride last Sunday (because I was racing), cutting gluten out of my diet again (after being a bit lax recently) or something else.  But I've felt ok and haven't even needed a weekend nap.

What happened this week?
Monday: 10k run, 1k recovery lake swim
Tuesday: 2.5k swim, 30 minutes turbo, 20 minutes pilates
Wednesday: 2.5k swim, 5k run, 20 minutes pilates
Thursday: 5k swim, 30 minutes turbo, 20 minutes pilates
Friday: OFF/visited osteopath (having issues with my neck...very painful)
Saturday: 1k lake swim with the beginners, 2k pool swim
Sunday: 47.3 mile bike ride

15k running
2k lake swimming
11.5k pool swimming
1h turboing
1h pilates
12 hours 

What is the plan for this week?
It's a slightly odd week as my late shift is on Tuesday this week, my morning off is on Wednesday this week, and I have my first openwater triathlon of the season - Blenheim - on Saturday.  I won't actually be pushing Blenheim too hard, I would like to beat last year's time, but I don't want to be too tired to get in some miles on the bike on Sunday.  So that will be an interesting balance to try to strike :-)

Monday: am: 2.5k swim, pm: 2k lake swim
Tuesday: am: 9k run, pm: osteopath visit
Wednesday: am: 5k swim, 30 minutes turbo, pm: 30 minutes pilates
Thursday: am: 2.5k swim, pm: 2k lake swim
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Blenheim Tri (750m swim, 19.8k bike, 5.4k run)
Sunday: 30 mile bike ride, 30 minutes pilates.

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  1. Race week, race week, race week! Can't wait to see how you do this weekend!