Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekly catch up (9 weeks to go)

Arghh!  We're into single figures in the weekly countdown!!  Although I planned to take it a little easier this week (ahead of having a week off work where I'll be able to get in a few more hours), it's actually been a solid week of training, with nearly 13 hours banked.  I'm down a second run - I strained my right ankle slightly running on Tuesday and wanted it to feel better before I ran again, which it is now, but wouldn't have been if I had run on Thursday.  Even as the race approaches, or particularly as the race approaches, it's important to pay attention to little niggles and let them resolve, as half of the battle it seems is arriving on the race start-line in good health.

What did I bank this week?
Monday: 3k swim am, 2k lake swim pm (I was entirely shattered but Monika convinced me to do two...)
Tuesday: 10k run am
Wednesday: 2.5k swim am.  Was very tired in the evening so just did some pilates/foam rollering and got ahead with my chores so that I didn't need to do them on my morning off
Thursday: 5k swim, 20k bike, pilates class in the evening! (I had done my late shift on Tues, and so was able to get over to Witney for my pilates teacher's other class - looks like I should be able to do that for all but one of the Thursdays in July which is good!  Although I didn't get home until 8.50pm which was quite late to try to eat dinner and calm down for bed, it was lovely to do pilates again, so relaxing, although I really felt it in my abs and intercostals for the next couple of days.
Friday: exhausted heap of no training
Saturday: 3k swim
Sunday: 57 mile bike ride.  This was tough as it was SO HOT.  But yet again I managed to go sub 4h30 for 56 miles which is good :-)

10k of running (1 session)
16.5k of swimming (5 sessions)
112k of cycling (2 sessions)
1 hour 20 minutes of pilates.

12h 50 minutes of training banked.

What's the plan for this week?
I finally have a week off work!  It's my first week off work for 13 weeks, and I'm really looking forward to having one element removed from the equation of work/training/washing/chores/sleeping.  (I've already had time to make THREE cakes since finishing work on Friday :-D).  I plan to build in a few more hours whilst making time for some good quality rest as it's my first Olympic Distance Tri on Sunday.  The plan is not to rest for it, and not really to race it but to see how it feels as an indication for my half ironman.  The half ironman is further, but obviously I will have tapered for it!

Monday: lunchtime swim; evening lake swim
Tuesday: out on the bike with Claire - 40-50 miles - plus run off bike if time (I have appointments in the afternoon so depends if we're back in time!)
Wednesday: rest during the day, 3.8k swim race in the evening.  (I'm planning to do this without my wetsuit, and not exactly to race it as I won't be rested, but more to "see what I can do")
Thursday: 1h bike, long (1h+) run.
Friday: lunchtime swim
Saturday: rest
Sunday: Stowe Olympic Distance Tri

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  1. I'm so excited to head home this week for the holiday and bank some quality open-water swims. And it's race week for you! Woohoo!