Thursday, 22 August 2013

Not the kind of taper that I really planned

The overwhelming thing at the moment is exhaustion.  House move exhaustion predominantly, but perhaps there is a little of the yuckiness that I usually get on a rest day.  I want to be focussing on the race and planning for that, but there is so much admin to sort out with regards to the new house, finishing off at work, and making sure that I have everything I need for our trip that the mental stuff is being pushed to one side... It's not ideal, but I have to go with it.

I've at least managed to complete my workouts so far this week, and think am on track with that.  I'm really looking forward to resting whilst we travel to Austria on Tuesday but just wish there was a bit more time for everything.  Memo - don't move house 2 weeks before your big goal of the year.

1 comment:

  1. You're doing really well. And it's not the ideal time for a house move, but you have acknowledged that and you're not to try to beat yourself up for not getting every last detail of it done (says the person who got her pictures hung 8 years after the move ...) Hope you get some good quality rest in, well done on the workouts, and bon voyage!