Monday, 25 February 2013

Back to work...and a bit of a wildcard

Fortunately, I'd been waking up early on camp, so my 6am alarm wasn't too painful.  However, the cold and the dark was as I made my way to the swimming pool, feeling sad that I wouldn't have a swimming hat twin, an outdoor swim, a nice fresh towel or someone on poolside telling me what to do.  Still, I got to the pool, and I got a swim done and I tried some of the drills that we'd done on camp.  I'm still pretty tired so I didn't really push it.  I was pleased to notice that on the poolside warm up, my shoulders seemed a lot more flexible (too bad about the hamstrings, back to not being able to touch them). 

Onto the wildcard.  I was talking with Janette, my pilates teacher, by text on Saturday as to what races we were going to do swimming wise this season (in fact, you'll see my plans on the right hand side now, although they need to be amended slightly in light of today's excitements).  Janette consistently beat me at most of the same events last year so I was keen to know what was on her calendar.  She mentioned the Age Group World Championships Aquathlon Qualifier on 5th May.  This is a 750m swim followed by a 5k run, and the top 7 in each age group (I will be in 25-29) at each qualifier (there are 3) get to go to the Age-Group World Champs which are being held in London this year.  I already knew about the triathlon AGWCs, because half of my tri club are attempting to qualify, but I didn't know about the aquathlon.  And the one on 5th May is at Box End, a lake about 1h15 minutes away from me where I always swim well.  To be honest, I don't stand a hope, because lots of people will be interested as the AGWC are in London which is a whole lot more convenient than Auckland, where 2012 happened.  And my run is poor.  And whilst I could spend the next 2 month improving it, I am really supposed to be focussing on making sure that I can get round a 56 mile bike as part of a half ironman.  But it should be exciting fun and a busy race with lots of people, and for the next two months at least I can dream of representing GB!

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  1. Glad to hear your transition back to the real world wasn't too painful. Too bad we can't be at camp everyday. ;)