Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tenerife #2

As promised some pictures, with apologies for the poor quality.  Mr Tuna text me just as I got on the plane to tell me I'd left my camera in the car.  At least I had my idevice!

Here is the view from just outside the hotel yesterday.

Decided to take my pink toenails for a walk on the beach and a quick paddle.

Amazing to be standing in the sea, in the warm in February!

This is the view from the training facility at the end of the day yesterday.  There is a lovely terrace cafe with this view one side and the pool the other side.

View from my hotel room this morning at 8am.

25m pool where we swam earlier.

I have got lots of food!  We had a goody bag which included a lot of powerbar products to try (sadly most have wheat so I'll be taking those home for Mr Tuna!), and a t-shirt which I'm sure you'll see me modelling at some point.  I brought a load of snacks from home too, and in the supermarket I spotted Ritta Sport which lots of the top triathletes seem to rave about.  If it's good enough for Rachel Joyce, it's good enough for me.  I got two flavours to try, had to have the one with the pink packet obvs!

Should there be downtime, I've got a great stack of reading material.  One book down, 11 to go, but I do have my kindle too as well as 3 Tri magazines!


  1. Well the sun *is* shining in Oxford but it sure isn't warm!! Did you have all those books stuffed under your padded jacket? You must have looked like the michelin man :)

  2. Wow, gorgeous pictures! Soak up that sun for me--it's freezing in NYC, and we have a wind advisory until midnight tonight. :( Love your food and book hauls too!