Sunday, 3 February 2013

Weekly catch up time!

So another busy week at work has meant no blogging in the week.  Sorry!!  The good news is that despite continuing low mood and a hectic workload, I've still managed to get a fair amount of sessions in.

There was 13.5k of swimming (5 sessions), 9 x 4.5 mile cycle commutes, and 2 pilates classes, but I think the running has been the highlight of this week.  I've only been out twice, which by runner-standards is very little, but I'm very pleased with the two runs that I did.  The first, on Thursday was a 7k run (which is a fairly long distance by my standards up until a few weeks ago), but I managed to hammer the pace and averaged 5:33 minutes per k (normally I average about 5:45, and looking back at my times in the summer I was averaged about 6:26!), so was pleased with that, even if my legs hurt a lot.  On Saturday, I went out for another long run (a proper long run), and like last week managed to beat the distance and the length of time that I ran for.  Unfortunately my GPS only kicked in after 7k, so I don't have terribly accurate data, but I ran 16k (definitely) in about 1h40.  16k apparently equates to 10 miles!

Also, on Friday late afternoon, I made an appearance on local radio.  I was ostensibly invited in to talk about the Bicester Triathlon which I am doing at the end of March, but I agreed to go on in the hope that I might get to talk about Mind, the mental health charity.  In fact, the resultant discussion covered triathlons more generally, and open water swimming, as well as me seeing how many times I could mention Mind.  If you want to listen (and a friend from Australia managed to listen, so hopefully works internationally...), the link to the show is here (it will only be up until 8/2/13), and I'm on at 40 minutes in.

As for next week, the half marathon is next Sunday, a week today, so I don't think I'll run again until then, as I'd like my legs to be itching to run.  I'll continue with the swimming and some pilates, including a private lesson next Saturday with the lady who runs my pilates classes.  I also must start packing as it is less than a fortnight now until I go to Tenerife and time is getting short!  I wonder how many race-freebie-t-shirts it is acceptable to pack?!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the radio clip on Facebook--it's so nice to finally put a voice to your writing!