Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tenerife #5

In the last 24 hours I have:
* found a swimming hat twin!
* done some track running drills
* been hugely competitive in some relay races
* eaten dinner in the dark (power failure outside!)
* woken up trying to swim front crawl in my bed
* acquired a lot more Ritta Sport flavours to try.
* purchased some suncream of a much higher factor.

Yesterday's track session with Vicky was good fun (although hot!).  I enjoyed doing the drills and hopefully I can remember some of them to try out at home.  Both Vicky and Martin said that they thought I looked stronger running compared to last year.  A couple of months of pilates work starting to pay off.

In the afternoon we did a technical swim in the 25m pool.  Doing drills was enlivened by doing them as relay races.  Unfortunately I am quite competitive so there was a little bit of cheating in my lane...oops!  Drills new to me included using fins and a float, and kicking one length with one leg, and then back with the other.  Not as easy as it sounds!  We then removed fins and did full stroke, except for kicking with just one leg up the pool and the other back down.  The most entertaining part of the afternoon was not really swim related, but before we got in when Vicky and myself pulled out matching Dolly Mixtures hats.  I think Vicky had pointed them out to me originally a few months ago, so I knew she had one, but it was funny getting to the 4th swim of the camp without wearing them and then pulling them out at the same time.  Here we are posing at the side of the pool. 

Afterwards, we watched the submerged filming from yesterday afternoon.  I knew I had a bad swim yesterday afternoon and it showed, so much so that I just couldn't bear to watch myself a second time :(  Felt bit down after that.  Was able to skype Mr Tuna back home before dinner though which was nice.

This morning we were back at the gym for half an hour of strength and conditioning.  It was pointed out to me that whilst I am flexible in my shoulders I don't really have much strength, so this is something that I need to work on, so some time with the stretch cordz might be helpful I guess.  It's difficult when I can't use paddles in the pool so I will have to be creative in trying to build this up.  It's always a question of finding time, but I need to make sure to find the time.

Then we were in the 25m pool.  I got in and spent 15 minutes swimming before we started which was a bit of a mistake as was then a bit tired.  Before we did some more filming (of drills this time), we did some progression drills which I'm going to record here as I think I want to include these
1.  Progression sequence for improving hand position: 1L FC with hands clenched, 1LFC with index finger pointed, 1L FC with hands in the OK position, 1L FC full stroke.  Repeat 3 times.
2. Sequence for improving consistency of kicking: 1L breastroke arms, kicking, 1L kick ten times, 1 stroke, repeat, 1L kicking with catchup arms, 1L full stroke.  Repeat 3 times.

Is it surprising that after that I stopped at the shop to pick up some more Ritta Sport?!

Now I'm back in the hotel having a rest, trying not to sleep during the day as it makes sleeping at nighttime harder.  Waiting for it to be Mr Tuna's lunchtime for us to skype, and then back up to the pool to have a snack before our 90m session in the 50m pool.  Let's hope I can find some energy!

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  1. Kicking with one leg sounds intriguing--will definitely try that in the pool!