Friday, 22 February 2013

Tenerife #7

Apologies for the lack of blog post yesterday.  It was that point in the training camp when I feel like I don't ever want to see another swimming pool ever again, let alone swim.  It happened to me last year so I wasn't too surprised (although I'd been hopeful that the Ritta Sport consumption might have seen it off this year...), but it was horrid.  I felt sick with tiredness and combined with some stressful news from home it was difficult to keep going.  I found it hard at that point last year, so was twice as bad this year with the depression monster.  I even got out of the afternoon pool swim 20 minutes early yesterday!

Anyway, it hasn't been all bad.  Once the end is in sight, a second wind resurfaces, and I really enjoyed the sea swim this morning.  Unfortunately the sea was still pretty rough, so we weren't able to swim from the beach by the hotel to the cove we use as we did last year, and the cove itself was quite full of swell, but we had quite a good swim in the cover, and must have covered nearly 2k.  Martin did some spectacular wipe outs from his paddle board too.  We've just got one swim left in the 25m pool this afternoon, and I'm hoping that the sun stays out as its forecast to rain later.  Mind you I was covered in prickly heat by the end of yesterday so I guess cloud might be better for that.

I've kind of run out of steam with taking photos, and the wifi is so bad here that it's impossible to upload them, but Martin has kindly promised me some photos for the blog, so that's something to look forward to in due course.  I've been really lucky to come on this camp again, even if I have run out of steam somewhat, and will definitely be back next year if there is one?  Dan Bullock is an excellent coach and managed to make the week almost entirely different to last year and I think I've learned a lot.  Martin does a fantastic job of organising the week and so I would definitely recommend a Tridynamic camp if you're looking for a triathlon camp.  My friend Cycling Claire is going on their Mallorca Camp and I am really looking forward to hearing about that.

This morning I'm starting to think about going home.  I've been doing some work admin, doing a grocery order, writing a shopping list for Mr Tuna and so on.  The next big challenge for me is to come up with a training plan to take me through until my half ironman on the 1st September.  Once camp is over, I'll be trying to take the gains made back to the pool at home, and then be focussing on getting my cycling up to scratch now that I know that I can run a half marathon!

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  1. I remember feeling the same way during my sports camps. The first few days were so much fun, but then you start to get sick of it. I vividly remember doing throwing progressions at a softball camp and vowing never to do them again once the week ended!