Friday, 19 July 2013

25-29 Aquathlon World Championships Qualified!

So, you remember that race that I was so grumpy about that I didn't actually write its race report up?  I mentioned it in passing here and here.  As I said "I'm entering because the chance to qualify for the World Championships is so tempting", which was obviously why it was disappointing when I didn't.

Anyway, insert several cliches "good things come to those who wait", "blessed are they who expect nothing", and see the above email that landed in my inbox. 

Some hurried negotiating with my manager at work, and 3 days later I was able to pay my £99 and confirm my place.  Tasks for the weekend include ordering my Team GB tri-suit to wear (and obviously some Team GB casual wear since this is the only time I'm ever likely to have the opportunity to wear official kit...).

Obviously (I really hope this is obvious to the number of people who've said they'll come and cheer), I'm not going to be "racing" this.  It's in no sense an A race or even a B race for me.  I've spent the year training to go long and my 70.3 race is only 10 days before this event, which in turn is only 3 days before I attempt to swim the length of Coniston.

However, it is a huge honour to be chosen to represent Great Britain, and I will do my best to get around in a respectable time :)  I will be happy with a good swim and a 28 minute 5k run :)


  1. Woohoo--congrats, friend! What an honor!

  2. Verity that is fantastic news! What an amazing accomplishment. I hope it will be a race you really enjoy.

    Will they provide you with a spiffy uniform?