Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Advice to someone doing their first half ironman

There’s just a month to go now until the race, so although work-stress and house-moving-stress is playing heavily on my mind, so are some last minute details pertaining to the race.  I asked a few questions of my fellow tri-club members, including “what one piece of advice would you give to someone doing their first half ironman”.

Here’s a selection of the answers received which I’m recording because I might want to look back at them.

Pre-race decide a target pace and stick to it and likewise with nutrition and hydration whatever you decide to use plan how much and how often and stick to it come what may. And above all always have positive mental attitude, smiling like Harriet says really does help. If you really are struggling on the run engage with another competitor whos in same the boat and help each other along. And finally never stop moving forwards, if you have to walk for a bit then fine but never stop actually moving as once you have its twice as hard to get going again. Good luck, you've put so much into it you know you can do it and I look forward to hearing all about it afterwards

Wear a two-piece tri outfit as getting out of a one-piece is annoying if you need the loo! Enjoy the experience and give yourself the time soak in the atmosphere.”

“Relax and get into a steady rhythm , especially on the run .
Good luck !

“Think carefully about your nutrition plan and try it out in training. But I agree with [other club member], have a great time”

smile as you go round, and mentally congratulate yourself for accomplishing each part - including getting there safely, racking ok, remembering everything, finishing the swim, the first bike lap, following your nutrition plan, adapting to things you didnt expect, etc - by the time you race you will be ready for anything and everything the race throws at you, so be proud of all of it as you go along”

“Relax and enjoy it

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  1. Smile, nutrition, two-piece kit ... all good responses! My teammate who did IMLP this past weekend totally embraced the day--smiling and looking completed relaxed every time we saw him on the course. You'll do great!