Sunday, 28 July 2013

Weekly catch up (5 weeks to go)

There should probably be at EEK for the fact that it is 5 weeks left to go, but for the first weekend in weeks, tri hasn't been the focus.  This has caused a fair amount of doubt and anxiety (am I training enough?  Will I get around?), not least because it looks like our house move may have to be slotted in in the next 5 weeks which will kill another week for training, which with taper doesn't leave much time left..  But it has been eversonice to do something a bit different, even if I'm now exhausted from all of the socialising and fun (dinner out, two nights away from home (one in a bed that was way too short), a swim in a pool I spent most of my childhood summers visiting every day, coffee with a friend, lunch with a friend, a wedding, and a dip in the sea this morning (see above...).  Consequently I'm clocking in at a mere 7 hours training for the last week, mostly in the pool.  Oh well.  Back onto it this week!

What did I get up to last week?
Monday: am 3k pool swim, pm: 1k lake swim
Tuesday: am 2.5k pool swim [pm worked late]
Wednesday: am: 10k run (5:40 km pace), pm: stretching
Thursday: am: 2.5k pool swim [no morning off this week].  Had wanted to do pilates in the evening but was just too tired.
Friday: 28 mile bike (averaged 13.7 mph which wasn't too bad with the hills)
Saturday: 3k pool swim
Sunday: 20 minute sea swim

10k running
44.5k biking
12.25k swimming

Quite a lot less than usual!

What's the plan for this week?
I have another trip away to look forward to this weekend, but I'm determined to get in my full complement of training.
Monday: am pool swim, pm pool swim (Claire is away, and if I go to the pool for a second time I'll be able to get in more swimming AND get home earlier #win)
Tuesday: am run
Wednesday: am pool swim
Thursday: am pool swim, bike, pm: pilates
Friday: OFF
Saturday: pool swim (perhaps in a lido on the way back from our trip??)
Sunday: looooong bike ride.

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