Sunday, 14 July 2013

Weekly catch up (7 weeks to go!)

7 weeks!  Eeek!  Not least because in 7 weeks it will be September and we'll be descending through Autumn back into Winter.  Which isn't great for my mood.  Oh well, we have beautiful weather at the moment in the UK, and even though it might be considered a bit too hot, I am doing my best to enjoy it rather than complain, even if it makes training a bit difficult.

This week was supposed to be an easy week after Stowe Triathlon, I'm not sure I entirely achieved that.  I didn't manage to get any running in as my right ankle was sore after the Tri - interestingly it twinged whilst on the bike today so I probably need to get it looked at.  Also, it was very hot and I just couldn't face it!  I will try to do better on the running front this week.  More positively, I went out on the bike on my own this morning (Mr Tuna is doing an epic 550k bike ride down to the South west and back) at 7am in the hope of missing some of the worst of the heat.  56 miles completed in 4h17 minutes at an average speed of 13mph, which I was pretty pleased with.

Thinking back to the original "plan", I'm not doing a great job of following it, but I am doing the best I can given the constraints of the weather, busy work, and my mood, and hopefully it will be enough on September 1st.

What did I get up to this week?
Monday: am - hammered it in the pool for 3k, to try and compensate for the disappointing swim at Stowe.  pm - 1.25 k lake swim with Claire, definitely a recovery swim messing around in the water and enjoying that it was 23C!
Tuesday: am - 2.5k pool swim
Wednesday: am - 2.5k pool swim, pm: 15 minutes stretching
Thursday: am - 3.75k pool swim (had to cut it short as was so tired); 12.5 mile bike ride (@13.1mph av.)
Friday: - off
Saturday: 1.5k swim race (report to follow), 1.5k stretch out pool swim
Sunday: 56 mile bike ride

16k swimming
68.5 miles cycling

Total training: 11 hours

What is the plan for this week?
Monday: am - pool swim, pm: lake swim
Tuesday: am - run [pm working late]
Wednesday: am - pool swim, pm: stretching/pilates/foam roller
Thursday: am - pool swim, pm bike
Friday: off
Saturday: swim?
Sunday: bike?  May change these around depending on weather and how I feel.

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  1. Getting down to crunch time! Hope the ankle starts to feel better--maybe try some ice and elevate it to reduce the swelling?