Sunday, 21 July 2013

Weekly catch up (6 weeks to go)

As usual, a quick "eeeeeek" at how close the race is getting.  EEEEEK.  6 weeks today, which means 4 more weeks of training and then 2 of taper...

This week has been a bit mixed, but there is 10.5 hours of training in the bag.  Next week I am away for the weekend, and it is the one weekend since April when I won't really be doing as much training.  It is my oldest friend's wedding party down in Devon so I will be fitting in a little bit of training Friday-Sunday but I will be missing my long bike ride.  [Someone please reassure me that that will be ok?!].  I haven't been away since February so really looking forward to it as I'll get to catch up with a number of friends, hopefully swim in the sea, and at an outdoor pool.

What have I done this week?
Monday: am 3k swim, pm 1k gentle lake swim
Tuesday: am 9k run (this was really good - I'd had ankle issues but it was fine for this run and I could have gone longer than 9k if I'd had the time)
Wednesday: am 2.5k swim, pm stretching
Thursday: am 3.5k swim, 12 mile bike (I had a little lie in hence the shorter swim than I sometimes do, but the lie in was worth it as I had a better 12 mile bike than the previous week!).
Friday: off
Saturday: 56 mile bike, 10 minutes faster than the previous week
Sunday: 3.5k swim (the plan had been to go to the lake as I'd cycled the previous day, but we were too tired when we woke up at 6.  I felt pretty off, hence only swimming 3.5k).

Swimming: 13.5k
Running: 9k
Cycling: 110k

What is the plan for this week?
Monday: am pool swim, pm lake swim
Tuesday: run
Wednesday: pool swim
Thursday: pool swim [no morning off this week]
Friday: not entirely sure what the plan is for this year.  It won't be a rest day as I have c. 4 hours before I need to leave for Devon, but I'm not sure whether to bike or use the time to get in a long run, I don't want to be overly tired with a 3 hour drive to do, but it's the only chance I have for a longish workout this week - will see.
Saturday: pool swim in Devon
Sunday: brief sea swim for fun!

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  1. Wow, it's getting close to crunch time--very exciting!