Friday, 5 July 2013

Weekly catch up (8 weeks (and 2 days) to go)

8 weeks - eek!  Actually, it's not quite 8 weeks but I'm doing my weekly catch up now as the training week is now completed - tomorrow is a rest day and then Sunday is Stowe triathlon.  11.5 hours in the bag already thanks to not being at work, and I assume Stowe will take in the region of 3.5-4 hours to complete.

What have I been up to?
Monday: lunchtime 3k swim, lots of tech work and paddles, evening 3k lake swim - very pleasantly warm and the furthest I've been in the lake non wetsuited.
Tuesday: 44 mile bike ride, quite slow as we were still tired from Sunday, and the last 20 miles were completed in pouring rain which meant that I didn't manage the run off the bike that I had planned.  Oh well, came home and got into bed under the duvet!
Wednesday: felt pretty rough most of the day so spent it resting, but in the evening I did my first 3.8k without wetsuit.  It wasn't a great race due to the shoddy course, but I felt strong in the water and could have gone much further than 3.8k at that temperature (17C).
Thursday: 20 mile bike followed by 5k run: the weather has been hotting up as the week has progressed and the run was particularly vile.  It was only about 20C so I think I'll be hoping for a cool day for my 70.3.  And I'll definitely be changing out of my tri shorts for the half marathon as they were uncomfortably insulatative.
Friday: 4k swim at Uxbridge lido.  Beautiful sunshine today so treated myself to a trip to this lovely pool.  Bizarrely it felt far colder than either of the lake swims I did this week.  Not cold enough to make me shiver or my hands claw up but definitely chilly.

So totals for this week are:
14k swimming
5k running
64 miles on the bike

(to which I'll be adding 1.5k swimming, 35 miles on the bike, 8k run with Stowe on Sunday.  It's going to be hot, so I guess I'm kind of glad that the run is now only 8k rather than 10k due to building work).

What is the plan for next week?
Following my meltdown the week after Blenheim, I'll be aiming to take it fairly easily, before I head into 3 solid weeks of training before I take 2 days off for my wedding anniversary at the start of August, which will precede a final solid 2 weeks before a 2 week taper.  As it's hot, I think I'll focus on swimming this week, and lots of stretching/foam rollering, with perhaps one run.

Monday: am swim (if not too tired), pm lake swim (if the weather is lovely, I'll just go along and enjoy it)
Tuesday: am swim, pm 5k run
Wednesday: am swim, pm off
Thursday: am swim, 1h bike
Friday: off
Saturday: 1.5k swim race?  + 2k in the pool?
Sunday: club bike ride.

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  1. Have a great race on Sunday--can't wait to hear how it goes!